Cloud Chasing

Cloud Chasing E-liquid, this is our full range of e-liquids stocked by cirrus vape shop. This liquid is to be used with a sub-ohm device. Our e-liquids are a 70/30 VG/PG mix ratio and above. This makes the vape smoother and denser allowing for a great smooth vape and allows you to “chase clouds”.

This category will show you all the brands we stock as a company.

Available in store as well as online. 70/30 Eliquids are best used with sub ohm devices. This is due to the viscosity of e-liquids and not being able to saturate through the tiny holes on an MTL device.

These E-liquids will give the greatest cloud productivity along with a smooth flavour full vape.

Cloud chasing can be seen as a sport by many in the vape “world”. This is why many will use a higher VG containing E-liquid to keep it smooth and not having the throat hit that comes along without of the 50/50 E-liquids.